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How was 1 Life Boat Rental created ?

Born and raised near the ocean in France, I have been sailing on the sea since my childhood. Growing up, I discovered a huge passion for boats and at the same time moved to Miami. 

Since I am here, I never stopped looking for the most beautiful places in the city and soon realized that from the water, everything is more beautiful. I decided to create 1 Life Boat Rental to share my best discoveries in the city.

I surround myself with the best captains with 15 years of experience who grew up in Miami and who bring a special touch to this unique experience.

We had over 4000 happy clients since we started with an overall rating of 4.99/5 

Every detail is important to us because what matters the most to us is you!

1 Life Boat Rental puts you at the heart of the experience and offers you a unique and memorable excursion.



Hope to see you soon!